Monday, January 28, 2013

Cake Pop Partying

Today we have our first homestudy visit.  I'm really not concerned with the house being spotless.  In fact, there are a few dust bunnies that will probably chase our social worker down the hall as she enters our home! Our Christmas tree is still up and might just stay up until Valentine's day. I only hope to remember to check the commodes and make sure that they are flushed by the time she rings the doorbell.  But I'm sure she will approve of our quaint little historic neighborhood cottage and see that we are not psychopaths...a little weird, yes, but not psycho.

We've changed out the thermometer over there >>> to reflect the next chunk of change we will need to save/raise.  God has not slowed down in His provisions thus far! We recently had an anonymous gift of $1000 and also had friends who gave $500 for their "end of year" giving and other friends who donated above and beyond the purchase price of their Mississippi towels or Christmas and New Years Cake Pops that they had ordered.  These gifts along with our personal contributions the expansion account completed the remaining amount needed to be able to pay the first agency fee and get the home study started!

Speaking of Cake Pops, one way that we are fundraising is by Cake Pop Parties/Classes.  A couple of years ago I stopped by Starbucks and saw they had these cute little cake balls on a stick.  So of course, I ordered one (or maybe a few) and was instantly addicted.  Then I thought to myself, "Heck, I could make that little thing!"  And after much trial and error, I figured out how to make them and not only that, I figured out how to make them look as good as the ones I had eaten at the coffee place!  I was most impressed with my new found crafting skill as I am not crafty by nature.  I made them for friends and family and for different parties and events, and it wasn't long until people started asking me if they could buy some from me.  Because people knew that I taught sewing classes, several ladies began asking if I would teach classes on how to make Cake Pops.  This past Saturday afternoon was the very first Cake Pop Party/Class, and we had an absolute blast!  Here are some pictures of our class.

Rolling the balls and inserting pop sticks

Ready to head to the fridge to firm up

Look at all those pops lined up waiting to be dipped

This gal colored her cake purple and
decorated the pops Mardi Gras style

Dipping and tapping carefully

Some of them died, but this happens in every batch!

The finished product!!
The class raised $275 for the adoption fund!  Praise God!  And there is another class scheduled for this week, and two more scheduled for the beginning of February, and about 4 more ladies looking at their calendars to see when they can schedule one at their house or church.  If you are interested in hosting one, email me for more info.  Hosting is really simple, and the class fee is $35 per person.  It truly is such a fabulous way to have a girls' night out while helping us raise the red on that thermometer!  I can't wait to tell our children about all these fun ways God provided in the process of getting them their forever home!

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